Thin Air Torsten Espegard Lund-Sorensen
Cotopaxi, Ecuador, 5897 m.
This page exists only because of mountains - I've spent so much time planning, training and actually climbing quite a few. Everybody I know have seen my pictures too often... .
So now I'll show them to the rest of the world - with some descriptions of routes and stories from the climbs.
ThinAir is not a company - just a name I've had for years as logons, chatname and you name it - It fits here - It is damn thin air up there.
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Mont Blanc - The Alps
This is not a single trip, but a selection of the mountains I've climbed there. And one I still haven't climbed
The unabridged List of the mountains I've climbed
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5960) and Mount Kenya,  Kenya (5199). Kili is the highest mountain in Africa - Mount Kenya a lot nicer.
Cotopaxi (5897) and Carihuarazi (5020)
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Aconcagua, Argentina, 6960
I climbed Aconcagua, The Highest mountain in South America - and outside Himalaya,  in January 2001, what a mountain - what an experience - what a lot of work
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